Friends, these are troubled times. People of the world are suffering from gross inequity—economic and political. The environment is taking a massive beating at the hands of merciless corporations whose only interest is to increase their wealth and power. Sexism, racism, genderism, ableism, speciesism, nationalism, capitalism, and colonialism are just some of the names given to the varieties of ways in which power and control are maintained. We have these names to identify what we’re up against, the forces we must fight. By these names we know our enemies—the enemies of social justice.

There are many strategies in the battle for social justice. At Apollo Bay Writers Festival, we encourage you to USE YOUR WORDS. Use your words to spread the message. Share it with your friends. Publish it far and wide. Not just your message, but every message that is aligned with your principles.  In the words of Clementine Ford, give them a ‘signal boost’. Push those powerful messages out there for all to see and hear. This year, the Apollo Bay Writers Festival is giving a signal boost to a company of great writers calling the charge, including: Clementine Ford, Michael Leunig, Alice Pung, Susan Carland, Arnold Zable, Les Twentyman, Charlie Ward, Desh Balasubramaniam of Ondru, Roomers and more. Come along, join the call and let’s celebrate solidarity.

Apollo Bay Writers Festival is a literary event for readers and writers in the Otway region and beyond. Hosting a mix of local writers and performers alongside writers and performers from the larger literary community the event aims to enhance the literary culture of the region and connect it with the wider world of literature.

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