ABWF Writing Competition 2017 Short-list

Yellow bird graffiti on concrete wall
Photo by https://unsplash.com/@cathalmacan

We are overjoyed with the submissions to our first writers competition. With nearly 200 entries across three categories, the judges have been working hard to come up with a short-list. We are pleased to say that the quality has been very high, but ultimately, there will be only one prize in each category.

Here are the short-lists by category.

Children’s Category

Rory Boyd—The Sad Ocean
Billie Philp—Butterfly Bravery
Beth Carney—Odd Socks
Meg Hill—August Rap
Lyra Philp—The Power of Words

Youth Category

Due to the small number of entries in this category, all entries were short-listed

The winners of the Children’s and Youth categories will be announced by Isobelle Carmody at either the Foreshore market (weather permitting) or the Foodworks from 9:45am.

Open Category

Tina Cartwright—Sharing stories
Russell (Rusty) Finn—Snake Oil
Kerryn Bennett—No-one to Blame (Local entry)
Rose Lucas—Drowned Boy
Alice Bishop—Red Sea
Brianna Bullen—A conversation between equals about the human condition
Mel O’Connor—The Wrong One
Noel Murphy—A Nod’s as good as a wink to a blind horse …
Jo Thompson—Using My Words
Paula Abul—Copycat I, II
Meridith Mckinnon—S.S. CASINO
Brooke Middleton—Coming Home
S. A. Nansen—The Tale of Maudie Taylor
Rowena Tuziak—Irregular
Sung-Ju Suya Lee—No Ruby Slippers
Rebecca Wright—Trailer Troubles (Local entry)
Cathy Oddie—The Price We Pay
Ben Meurs—Judicium
Pauline Roberts—The Lie
Brett Cole—#nofilter (Local entry)

The winners of the Open category and the Locals prize will be announced at the Warm Winter Words event from 2pm at the Mech on Sunday, 30th.

Good luck everyone, you are all already winners to us.